About Us


Our Story

Al Sultan Sweets is a Lebanese  family business based company. Its production line includes: pastries; selling a wide range of sweets, traditional Arabic sweets, French pastries, ice cream, chocolate, and miscellaneous treats.

Founded in 1989 by Mr. Allam Jaber in Nabatieh, with the help of his brother Mr. Hasan Jaber who both led the company to succeed in becoming a well known and respected brand name in Lebanon and abroad, competing with the largest brand names.

What started as a very small shop in Nabatieh has developed into a castle of sweets that offers a wide range of sweet delicacies to a wider range of customers all in and outside the country, served with generosity and taste never forgetting the unique Al Sultan touch on everything we do.

With the ambition of offering premium quality homemade sweets to the neighboring locals, Al sultan Sweets now has 4 main branches; we always proceed with inhancing our product lines and to introduce it first to the market in the most presentable and innovative way possible.

Behind the experience of the master chefs that work their magical receipes in Al Sultan confectionery center is an idiology of method that transcends generations. This center employes a workplace of around 150 people. Within the bakery we always assure the freshet and most delicious pastries daily.


Our Mission

We at Al Sultan Sweets aim to maintain the irresistible combination of our traditional taste and the depth in the modernization in our work that guarantees the ultimate satisfaction of your senses.

We are dedicated to creating a pleasing and warm welcoming environment for our clients, while we continue to exceed their expectations, and strive with research and ground studies to sustain the chain of constnt evolution.



1989: small shop In nabatieh. the old shop was a destination point for many eclecteic sweet enthusiasts from all over the region not only for specific occasion but also on casual events.

1992: introduced Al Sultan Sweets to Beirut with a small shop near The Embassy of Kuwait.

1996: Al Sultan Sweets opened in Tyre.

2011: Al Sultan Sweets was introduced for the first time in Dahiye, Hadi Nasrallah BLVD.

2014: renovation of the main branch to become a sultans castle of sweets


Food Safety

Al sultan sweet is conscious and solicitous for permanent food safety and quality control.

At Al Sultan Sweets, we maintain best practice health standards and ensure hygiene and safety for all products, staff, equipments and machines.

From the time the raw ingredients are received throughout production, we ensure that the products continually meet our high quality specifications. Therefore, we develop Quality Procedures in order to guarantee that our products continually meet a clear, consistent set of high quality standards and meet legislative requirements.

We are conscious that consumer confidence and loyalty starts from good quality, permanent hygiene standards and fresh delicious sweets!